Story | 17 Jun, 2008

Water as a human right ?


Scanlon, John ; Cassar, Angela ; Nemes, Noémi

IUCN, Environmental Law Programme

Published: 2004
Series: IUCN environmental policy and law paper ; no.051
ISBN: 2-8317-0785-4 ; DOI 10.2305/IUCN.CH.2005.EPLP.51.en
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Gland : IUCN, 2004. ix, 53p.

Formally acknowledging water as a human right could encourage the international community and governments to enhance their efforts to satisfy basic human needs and to meet the Millennium Development Goals. But critical questions arise in relation to a right to water. What would be the benefits and content of such a right? What mechanisms would be required for its effective implementation? Should the duty be placed on governments alone, or should the responsibility also be borne by private actors? Is another 'academic debate' on this subject warranted when action is really what is necessary? Without claiming to prescribe the answers, this publication clearly and carefully sets out the competing arguments and the challenges.

Note: Includes bibliographic references