WANI undertakes action with the Nigeria Integrated Water Resources Management Commission

The IUCN Water and Nature Initiative (WANI) recently coordinated a river basin restoration action plan in partnership with the Nigeria Integrated Water Resources Management Commission (NIWRMC) to restore flows in the Komadugu Yobe Basin.

A sign was put for the Dabi and Rantan intervention actions of the Komadugu Yobe Basin, Nigeria

The WANI project site ‘Komadugu Yobe Basin (KYB)’ covers a total area of 148,000 km2 in north-eastern Nigeria. It is a sub-basin of Lake Chad, which is drained by two main river systems: the Yobe and the Komadugu. The Nigeria portion of the basin contributes 95% of the basin’s water.

In the past 2 years, the WANI Komadugu Yobe Basin project undertook several interventions to improve land and water resources management. The project, in partnership with the Nigeria Integrated Water Resources Management Commission (NIWRMC), is aiming to improve river basin ecosystem services to sustain riparian communities and the natural environment of the basin.

A first intervention early in the year was accomplished with the help of more than a thousand volunteers from surrounding communities, engaged in the manual removal of silt from the rivers. At the river-bed outlet of the Tiga Dam, the Rantan community cleared 2 kilometers of river silt and in Dabi more than 900 m3 of weed was removed.

The second intervention included dyking and silt removal of the Hadejia River, which was completed in May. Both interventions were handled by adhering to environmental concerns such as keeping the natural beauty of the surrounding areas intact, creating aesthetically satisfying landscapes, and causing minimal disturbance to the area’s ecology.

WANI’s KYB project started in 2005 as a joint initiative by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN), and the Nigerian Conservation Foundation. It seeks to build consensus on key water management principles and coordination mechanisms to help redress land and water resource problems in the Komadugu Yobe Basin.

Under its current phase, IUCN is partnering with FGN through the Nigeria Integrated Water Resources Management Commission to support the application of the Commission’s strategic plan at national level. For IUCN, “the WANI KYB project aims to ensure the security of poor people and their livelihoods through demonstrating, replicating and scaling-up of restoration and sustainable management of water resources and ecosystem services”, said Daniel Yawson, KYB Project Coordinator.

For more information, contact Daniel K. Yawson, KYB Project Coordinator: [email protected].

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