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Which of these three videos delivers the strongest message about climate change science? Vote for your favourite World Resources Institute video today! 

World Resources Institute

World Resources Institute (WRI) has launched a pilot project that aims to assess whether video can be a compelling way to communicate the latest climate science discoveries – and, if so, which type of video works best. This project was funded by WRI is an IUCN Member organization.

Kelly Levin of the World Resources Institute (WRI) worked with three scientists to develop a series of videos on their recent findings:

  • Andy Dessler, Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at Texas A&M University;
  • Brian Helmuth, Professor of Biological Sciences at University of South Carolina; and
  • Paul Higgins, Associate Director of the American Meteorological Society’s Policy Program 

Dessler, Helmuth and Higgins each chose a paper that was in production or recently published as the subject of the video.

WRI wants to assess which video format works best. Please take a few minutes to vote for your favorite and tell WRI why you think it works well >> 

Your votes will help WRI identify which method is most effective and will inform the future development of this project. All votes will be collected by May 31.

WRI produced three videos, each using a different format, for each of the scientist’s papers:

(1) A Webcam Talk: Dessler, Helmuth and Higgins filmed their own videos. WRI sent a computer with video recording abilities as well as some guidelines regarding content and length.

(2) A Conversation: A slideshow of relevant images is narrated in a voiceover of the scientist discussing his finding. For this video, WRI sent a recording device to Dessler, Helmuth and Higgins. WRI interviewed them over the phone and used these recordings as the basis of the voiceover. The audio was then paired with images that matched in content.

(3) A Whiteboard Talk: Dessler, Helmuth and Higgins each came into WRI’s offices for filming of a whiteboard talk describing their findings.

Click now to vote on WRI’s climate science videos >>

For more information, contact: Kelly Levin, PhD, World Resources Institute, Climate and Energy Program.


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