Voices from the Forum

It is the third day at the European Conservation Forum in Bonn, Germany. We have asked some participants their impressions on these first days of discussions on the new IUCN Programme.

European Conservation Forum

It is the first time I attend a Forum. I think that the efforts of IUCN to bring together its large decentralized structure are very impressive. It is very challenging to get everybody agree. I look forward to seeing how this evolvesAlon Rothschild, Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, IUCN Member.

It is great to see all three main pillars of IUCN coming together to discuss the new IUCN Programme so well in advance of the World Conservation Congress next year. I feel a lot of enthusiasm aroundGlen Hyman, Center for the Sociology of Organizations, Sciences Po and Member of IUCN/WCPA Specialist Group on Cities and Protected Areas.

Having all parts of IUCN constituency together here in Bonn is a great opportunity. I am especially happy that most of the European National Committees are represented. This has given me the chance to exchange thoughts and impressions with them. I find very valuable that the agenda allows enough time for discussion and can be modified according to the needs of the constituencyInés López, IUCN Spanish Committee.

This is the first such event I attend. I find it is very interesting that there are so many different people gathered here to discuss both the Programme and the governance structure of IUCN. It is great that the feedback and input given by the participants will influence the very future of IUCNMichael Drummond, Warwickshire Wildlife Trust and Member of IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management (CEM).

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