The voice of the Dugong heard at the Congress

Over the past few days, the Congress has been buzzing with protests by people voicing concerns over human impacts on habitats and species. 


A group from Japan called Save the Dugong Campaign Centre (SDCC) are here sharing their experience on the conservation of dugongs in Okinawa, Japan amidst plans by the Japanese government to construct a US military base in Henoko and Oura Bay, important habitat of the Okinawa dugongs.

The Dugong is classified as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species - its population has declined by 30% in the last six decades. A recommendation was passed at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Amman in 2000 and the SDCC believes this has been critical to build awareness of dugong habitats and their survival and attracting the attention of local communities, experts as well as the media. 

Work area: 
West and Central Africa
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