Videos from Indian Ocean Commission ISLANDS project

Three pedagogical movies on waste and water management and coral reef protection aim to help teachers raise awareness of small islands issues. A comic book is next.


Three videos produced by the ISLANDS project teach children about sustainable development

All the islands in the region share the same concerns when it comes to preserving and protecting their natural and living environment. Through participatory and educational actions – using clear and simple messages - we would like to bring together and inform people of all ages of these issues, because everyone can make a contribution and because it is never too late to act.

1. Short videos on small islands & sustainable development

Within its awareness and communication plan the ISLANDS’ project from the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) designed and realised three pedagogical movies on waste management, water management and coral reef protection. The movies are available here >>

2. Developing a comic book in primary schools

As part of its awaraness-raising activities, ISLANDS launched a competition among primary schools in the six islands of the project to develop a comic book. The goal was to encourage teachers from Small Islands Developing States to work on various sustainable development themes. Here are the topics covered in each islands:

  • Comoros : Waste management
  • Madagascar : Natural risks disasters management
  • Maurice : Coastal erosion
  • Réunion : Coral reefs protection
  • Seychelles : Water management
  • Zanzibar : Deforestation

After phase of sensitization using teaching quides, children will have the task of telling the story of a crab named DILANS (mascot of the project) in their island addressing the topic studied. After selection, ISLANDS will retain one story from each island and compile the comic book.

The pedagogical guides edited for the contest can be found here >> Everyone is welcome to use and share these guides (login as a guest). 

This comic book will be the first of its kind and will be distributed in all partner schools. Movies can be used as well in classroom. 

3. Online resources

We are also providing a portal on Open Educational Resources (OER) on Sustainable development. Log in as a guest. You can access it by clicking here >>

For more information, contact Virginie Torrens, IUCN CEC member, at


About the project

ISLANDS, funded by the European Union is being implemented by the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) with technical assistance from MWH. The project brings together the Comoros, Reunion, Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles and Zanzibar and aims to assist these States with the implementation of the "Mauritius Strategy" through specific actions.

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