URBES Training: Monetary and non-monetary valuation of biodiversity and ecosystem services

The URBES project will be holding the first of its training sessions in Barcelona on 13 - 15 November 2013 focusing on the valuation of biodiversity and ecosystem services. The URBES project seeks to bridge the knowledge gap between urbanisation, biodiversity and ecosystems services.

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The training sessions are highly interactive and practice oriented, and will comprise field trips, peer reviewing, opportunities for best practice exchange and reviews and updates on state of the art knowledge and initiatives. This first training session will offer a unique opportunity to gain scientific knowledge on the value of nature applicable to city development processes. It will bring together European scientists and practitioners at the highest level to support this.

Participants will learn more about the added value of the ecosystem services approach for an integrated and sustainable urban development and increase their understanding of valuation tools and methods.

For further information click here: www.urbesproject.org
For REGISTRATION send an e-mail to: pamela.muehlmann@iclei.org


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