Urbanization and marine environment protection: Co-build a project

ECOREM invites you to participate in creating a collaborative education project on the interaction between urbanization and the marine environment. Share your point of view on specific topics through the discussion list.

A Sabella Spallanzanii in the Mediterranean sea, near Escala, Spain Photo: IUCN Photo Library © Christian Laufenberg

By Mélanie Michel, ECOREM

ECOREM is a project for a resources collaborative platform in environmental education about the Mediteranean. On the occasion of the 7th World Environmental Education Congress in Marrakech (WEEC), ECOREM will organize a meeting between players in the field of marine environment education. Therefore, the collaborative aim conveyed with our ECOREM platform is the symbol of a global commitment.

Convergence is the key to success in order to answer to inherent challenges in interaction between urbanization and marine environment. As involved player, we have to put together our resources to answer to these global issues.

In order to prepare this event, we organize debates on urbanization and marine environment through a list of discussion. We aim at linking players and creating a high quality reflexion between participants, in the hope of developing an international project.

Please note that it is NOT necessary to attend to the WEEC to share your point of view. It is important for us to meet as many participants as possible in order to have an exhaustive vision of the situation. Exchanges have already begun, do not hesitate to join us and take part in the discussion.

For more information, contact Mélanie Michel, Community Manager ECOREM, at contact@ecorem.fr


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