Update on the Sharing Power: A New Vision for Development Conference

The key messages of the Sharing Power Conference provided guidance to the CEESP Executive Committee in the recent 3-day planning session for the new CEESP manadate and work programme to be presented to the World Conservation Congress being held in Jeju, South Korea (September 2012).

Sharing Power: A New Vision for Development, 11-15 January 2011, Whakatane New Zealand Photo: www.sharingpower.org

As well, the Sharing Power Conference proceedings are scheduled to be published in a Special Edition of the CEESP peer reviewed journal, Policy Matters, Issue 19 - May/June 2012. Together with IUCN member organisation, the Forest Peoples' Programme, IUCN Secretariat and CEESP a series of national case studies are being progressed as contributions to a framework named after the Sharing Conference venue, 'Whakatane Assessment'.

Work area: 
Social Policy
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