The Union’s Council

The Council of the World Conservation Union is a dynamic and experienced group of exceptional individuals and leaders.


They come from all over the world, and from all walks of environmental, social and economic life. Collectively they are a key voice of the global conservation movement – reflecting its knowledge, diversity and capacity to help shape the future choices of our societies.
World Conservation Union members elect the Council every four years at the World Conservation Congress. The President, Treasurer, three representatives from each of the Union’s eight regions and the Chairs of the six Commissions are elected. The Council also appoints a representative of the Union’s host country, Switzerland, and can appoint up to five additional Council members.
The Council brings strategic vision, direction and accountability to the Union. It operates in a similar way to a board of directors, guiding and reviewing implementation of the Union’s Global Programme and the work of the Commissions, approving the secretariat’s annual work programme and budget, approving the annual report of the Director General and audited accounts, and admitting new members.
Above all, the Council plays a leading role in helping the Union mobilize people and organizations around the world to develop and use conservation knowledge for human development. In doing so, they are helping create a just world that values and conserves nature.
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