Understanding the linkages between energy, ecosystems and livelihoods - draft paper available for comment

How do energy, ecosystems and livelihoods inter-link? Is it all about managing impacts or are there ways to conserve ecosystems and provide greater access to sustainable energy and accomanying livelihood benefits? This background paper explores some of the issues in the workshop #1508, the final station of the Energy Journey.

King Talal Dam - Jordan

HELIO International, in collaboration with IUCN's Energy, Ecosystems and Livelihoods Initiative, has developed a consultation paper which explores some of these issues. It has been prepared as background for the WCC4 Global Thematic Workshop Energy, Ecosystems and Livelihoods - have your say! on Thursday 9th October, 14.30 - 16.00 in room 134.

In this interactive roundtable session, participants will be discuss energy risks and opportunities related to five ecosystems:

  • drylands
  • forests
  • islands
  • marine
  • water

Experts and facilitators will be on hand to tease knowledge out of participants and encourage cross-learning and help build IUCN's growing network. We look forward to seeing you at this last event on the Energy Journey!

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