UN climate summit - Day One

Yesterday evening, the day before the start of this year’s climate change negotiations in Durban, the weather and the ocean made a dramatic statement: heavy winds and pouring rain, thunderstorms and high waves, says IUCN Marine Programme Officer, Dorothée Herr.

Dorothée Herr, Programme Office, IUCN's Global Marine Programme

They were grasping for attention, making the point that something is going wrong with the climate, and that our oceans are part of it. Ocean issues, such as ocean acidification, are still only on the outside of the climate discussions. Bringing more attention to those issues is one of my objectives here in Durban this year.

This morning the sun was shining and Durban seems ready to welcome the international community. Arriving at the conference area, it took me a while to get orientated. The venue is quite big and it takes a while to find your way around. The exhibition area is well organized and many familiar faces can be found. Next I will make my way to the actual conference centre to get my bearings there and follow some of the negotiations streams.

Let the negotiations begin! 

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Climate Change
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