Two new reports on The Conservation Initiative on Human Rights (CIHR) Consortium

The Conservation Initiative on Human Rights (CIHR) consortium has recently published two reports in support of its goal to promote integration of human rights in conservation policy and practice.


Conservation and Human Rights: Key Issues and Contexts – a scoping paper for the CIHR – provides an introduction to international rights frameworks, identifies key issues at the intersection of conservation and human rights, and explores practical approaches to address these issues in conservation contexts.

Rights-based Approaches to REDD+ is the report of a CIHR workshop held in January 2012 in Lima, Peru to share experience on practical efforts to implement indigenous peoples' rights and social safeguards and generate community benefits from REDD+, consonant with internationally-recognized human rights. CIHR members include BirdLife International, Conservation International, Fauna and Flora International, IUCN, The Nature Conservancy, Wetlands International, Wildlife Conservation Society and WWF.

Submitted by Jenny Springer, WWF and CEESP member.

Work area: 
Social Policy
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