Tree plantation campaign launched by IUCN as contribution to International Year of Forests, 2011

Tree plantation campaign launched by IUCN as contribution to International Year of Forests, 2011

Concrete steps are needed to combat the alarming deforestation issues of Balochistan, Mr. Ghulam Ali Baloch, Secretary Forests & Wildlife

Plantation of 8500 saplings of various indigenous species at Bagh Viala village in Qilla Saifullah district.

Forests are the precious natural resources and integral part for livelihoods as 1.6 billion people of world depend on forests as it also contributes a pivotal role in regulating the climate and sustaining communities and supporting biodiversity globally as well as locally.

 The year 2011 has been declared as International Year of Forests by United Nations with the aim to raise awareness and strengthen the sustainable development, conservation and management of all types of forests for the improvement of livelihood and benefit of current and future generations.

 Considering the vision of forest conservation programs at various levels and a world leader of environment, International Union for Conservation of Nature under its six year program BPSD “Balochistan Partnerships for Sustainable Development” launched the spring tree plantation campaign by planting 8500 saplings of various indigenous species at Bagh Viala village in Qilla Saifullah district.

 In this connection a formal launching ceremony of plantation campaign was held in Bagh Vialla on March, 03, 2011. The Secretary Forests & Wildlife government of Balochistan, Mr. Ghulam Ali Baloch inaugurated the plantation campaign by planting a wild almond plant in the reserved rangeland at Bagh Vialla (a sustainable model village developed by IUCN).

The launching ceremony was attended by various provincial and district government officials and stakeholders including Mr. Waqas Aslam Deputy Commissioner Qilla Saifullah, Mr. Mr. Manzoor Ahmed Chief Conservator Forests Balochistan, Mr. Zabardast Khan Bangash Manager IUCN Balochistan program, Mr. Abdul Wahid Divisional Forest officer Quetta, Mr. M. Ibrahim Mengal Executive District Officer Forests,  Mr. Nabeel Assistant Commissioner Qilla Saifullah and a large number of community members and local civil society organizations.

Mr. Zabardast Khan Bangash Manager IUCN Balochistan informed the worthy secretary and participants that IUCN besides advocacy and capacity building of government institutions, also contemplates to protect, conserve and rehabilitate the natural environment of province by taking initiatives and implementing various interventions and hence it has established four nurseries in Ziarat, Pishin and Qilla Saifullah districts with the aim to scale up the growth of indigenous plants and shrubs in the length and breadth of  Balochistan and mobilize the communities for improvement and conserving their natural resources.

He described that for rehabilitation of the rangelands and forests in district, IUCN has already implemented on 100 acres in year 2005-2007 under it’s program whereas now considering the encouraging results more area of 150 acre are being added to that.

Mr. Ghulam Ali Baloch Secretary Forests applauded the work done by IUCN and highlighted the importance of forests and rangelands. He was of the view that the visible work of IUCN not only encouraged the communities but also sensitized the government institutes in this regard. He stressed that collective efforts will bring positive results in conservation of forests and other natural resources and assured his full support to IUCN and other stakeholders.

On the event government officials, representatives of civil society organizations and community members planted tree saplings  to mark the day.

At the end Mr. Zabardast Khan Bangash thanked worthy Secretary Forests and all participants for making the event successful.

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