Transboundary Joint Secretariat and IUCN strengthen collaboration

The Transboundary Joint Secretariat (TJS) for Nature Conservation and the IUCN Caucasus Cooperation Centre (CCC) have joined forces for Southern Caucasus protected areas.

Tusheti Photo: IUCN CCC

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed to streghten cooperation between TJS and CCC. The overall objective of this partnership is to increase protected areas cooperation, sector harmonization and sector development in Southern Caucasus countries focusing on suitable instruments to implement sector policies, and on developing financing strategies for the sustainable funding of protected areas.

The TJS was established in 2007 on the initiative of the German Government to help implement the BMZ/KfW Ecoregional Nature Protection Programme for the Southern Caucasus. In its current phase the TJS is implemented through a consortium of the AHT Group and the Regional Environmental Centre for the Caucasus (RECC).

IUCN will support TJS’s work in the Southern Caucasus:

  • Through access to global nature conservation knowledge by promoting internationally recognized technical standards;
  • By conducting sector-specific analysis and studies identifying gaps and trends; and
  • By promoting synergies among ongoing and planned activities via thematic networks.

The TJS-IUCN Memorandum exemplifies IUCN’s role in the Caucasus: to strengthen support to nature conservation in the region by providing a range of services to all interested and engaged actors in the field.

The IUCN Caucasus Strategy has recently been revised and can be found here.

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