Towards the “Blue Society”

Since the start of the industrial revolution, human activities have significantly altered the very balance of our planet and the lives we all live. These activities have heavily affected marine ecosystems and the way we use our seas and oceans. IUCN has joined forced with a group of organizations in the Sea For Society project


The Sea For Society project, funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission, aims to develop a new and ambitious vision for society. A vision which embraces the spirit of sustainability, well-being and equity for humankind as its guiding principle and which will lead to the development of the “Blue Society”.

As part of the Sea For Society project, IUCN will be coordinating a group of experts in order to define the new “Blue Society” approach, which at its core will be the premise that our seas and oceans can be used for the benefit of human well-being and must be protected for the sake of future generations and the health of the marine environment. Through the coordination of the Expert Group, IUCN will be responsible for producing a definition of the Blue Society in the form of a detailed report.

Through its expertise in science, governance and sustainable development, and its access to a network of international experts, IUCN has a major role to play in developing new scenarios and making sure that the best information and capacity are available for implementing these strategies.

The Sea for Society project will foster greater understanding among decision makers, NGOs, industry and the wider society of how to tackle the economic, environmental and social pressures the world is currently facing.

Read more on this project here. You can also contact: Helen Klimmek, [email protected] or Carole Martinez, [email protected] or visit the Sea For Society website

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