Tour du Valat celebrates its 60th anniversary

Created in 1954 within the French Camargue, Tour du Valat drew up a report of 60 years of activities during a day of activities organized last 30th of June. A tribute has been paid to the scientifical work provided by the biological station for a better knowledge of the ecosystems and wetlands in particular.

"Tour du Valat: 60 ans d'engagement pour les zones humides et les Hommes" Photo: IUCN-Med

More than 10 000 publications and reports, projects lead in more than 20 countries, hundreds of thousands birds ringed… the figures furnished during its 60-year-old birthday confirmed the huge implication of the foundation into conservation of wetlands and their inhabitants. This organization is as symbolic for conservation as its president and creator Luc Hoffman; this former WWF International vice-president has among others contributed to the creation of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, and is a key figure for any conservation action.

This event planned to present the foundation’s great achievements and contemplate future partnerships. It gathered a diversity of personalities, each one working at its own scale for Mediterranean conservation. It should be noted the presence of representatives from CEF (Functional and Progressive Ecology Center), Conservatoire du Littoral, Albert II de Monaco Foundation, MAVA Foundation, IUCN-Med, Camargue Regional Natural Park, and Plan Bleu.

This event produced a specific publication entitled « Tour du Valat, 60 years of commitment for Wetlands and Men”, which redraws the foundation’s history, the challenges faced and the results obtained. The importance of wetlands for men and biodiversity is highlighted as well as the importance of people’s involvement, considered as essential for the foundation actions success. Indeed, Mediterranean conservation stakeholders as IUCN-Med and Tour du Valat see into the rallying of all the essential prerequisite for any efficient change.

IUCN-Med and Tour du Valat

IUCN-Med and Tour du Valat maintain a close collaboration formalized through a memorandum of understanding signed in 2011. In addition, IUCN-Med’s director participates to the Tour du Valat Administration Council.

About Tour du Valat

“Healthy development cannot take place in an environment where nature is suffering. The only way that wetlands can be preserved is by reconciling human activities and natural patrimony”.
Here is the sentence that welcomes any visitor on Tour du Valat’s website. Also known as Center for Research and Conservation of Mediterranean Wetlands, this organization develops since 60 years research activities for the Mediterranean Wetlands Conservation with a continual concern: “Having a better understanding of Wetlands in order to improve their management”. This foundation aims to stop the lost and degradation of Mediterranean Wetlands and their natural resources, but also to restore them and promote their rational use.

To achieve this goal, Tour du Valat counts on its library which represents a unique documentary center in the Mediterranean, and on its scientists team.

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