Total stakeholder engagement: Is Key

World Water Week 2014 — the annual event focusing on water-related challenges in Stockholm, was a chance to prove that stakeholder engagement using a participatory approach is KEY to reach pragmatic solutions for both people and nature.

Side Event WWW 2014

 During a side event at the World Water Week in Stockholm, IUCN ROWA was able to share and disseminate the accumulative experiences from collective partnership projects in the Arab Region. It focused on and showcased how a participatory approach is needed to achieve better resilience, water and energy management.

The event also highlighted the newly created Regional Knowledge Network on Water (RKNOW) that assists in strengthening the application of systematic approaches to water management and aims to influence the policy and decision making processes as a means to enhance good governance in the water sector. "Lessons learned on successful demonstration projects and practices in the region will be one of the many network outcomes" said Dr. Amr Abdel Mageed, RKNOW Knowledge Node Coordinator, CEDARE

The Network will share and engage participants in practical cases through from the Arab region . It acts as an international information portal allowing the network to be pioneers in the fields of; Water governance, integrated water management, the water, food and energy nexus and water sustainable technologies. Furthermore, the networks experiences is integrated with its cross cutting issues of Ecosystems rehabilitation, Gender, Capacity development, Trans-boundary issues and Water security.

The event was also able to share and disseminate lessons learnt of a regional partnership that used participatory approaches to specifically show how water and energy management increases local community resilience in the Arab region, "what makes the partnership different, is the use of multi-level knowledge sharing, various levels of stakeholder participation and more importantly a regional to local reach" said Mufleh Abbadi, Programme Manager, IUCNROWA.

In light of this objective, a Guiding Toolkit for Increasing Climate Change Resilience was launched during this event an outcome of the SEARCH project. The projects important message lays in the essence of using participatory methods and tools to reach climate change resilience at the local level. The toolkit itself applies and tests existing practical tools and methodologies and interlinks them to guide the development of participatory climate change resilient plans at local or national levels in the region. "Using the various tools listed in this toolkit will provide guidance for users to enable them to identify main climate risks and resilience and how they can develop recommendations to integrate such resilience within national plans and strategies" said Dr Aymad Rabi, Technical Advisor, PHG.

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