The Top 50 Mediterranean island plants

Wild plants at the brink of extinction, and what is needed to save them
Montmollin, Bertrand de, ed. ; Strahm, Wendy, ed.
IUCN Species Survival Commission, Mediterranean Islands Plant Specialist Group

bc_2005_025.jpg Photo: IUCN

The flora of the Mediterranean islands includes many rare and localised species unique to the islands. Some of these are particularly threatened with extinction due to various pressures caused by people and their activities in Mediterranean ecosystems. It includes 50 descriptive sheets of species which are especially threatened, based on the IUCN Red List criteria. Each sheet gives a description of the species with illustrations and maps, emphasizing the threats to the species, existing conservation measures and additional measures needed for their conservation. Aimed at the layman, the text is easily accessible to the non-botanist.

Gland : IUCN, 2005. x, 109p. : ill., maps.
ISBN 2-8317-0832-X
Price: 15 USD ; Order number: 2151

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