TILCEPA Report to CEESP August 2012

The following details TILCEPA's report back on CBD preparatory meeting for indigenous peoples in Africa, IUCN Congress Events and Sri Lanka Inter-religious Dialogue.


Panel: Honourable Liberate Nicayenzi, indigenous Batwa Senator in Burundi opens the CBD preparatory meeting in Bujumbura

CBD preparatory meeting for indigenous peoples in Africa

The Convention on Biological Diversity organised a preparatory workshop for more than fifty African indigenous and local community activists ahead of the 11th Conference of Parties. The workshop and training organised by CBD Secretariat in cooperation with UNIPROBA, the Indigenous Peoples of Africa Coordinating Committee, Indigenous Information Network and GIZ was held in Bujumbura, Burundi from 12-15 June 2012. Delegates came from all over Africa to learn more about the new work programme on Traditional Knowledge (Art 8j), sustainable use (Art 10c) and the Nagoya protocol on access and benefit sharing of genetic resources. The CBD workshop was followed by an intensive training session on the Nagoya Protocol by GIZ.

TILCEPA provided training support on the Programme of Work on Protected Areas. This included examining the relevance of Element 2 of the PoWPA, the meaning of governance and opportunities for indigenous peoples to be involved in national reporting and assessments. The TILCEPA presentation examined the 2010 Aichi Strategic Plan and Targets related to protected areas and the new language on indigenous and local communities’ conserved areas (ICCAs).

IUCN Congress events

TILCEPA is hosting three events at the World Conservation Congress, and members will be presenting in other key events. TILCEPA is organising two Blue Planet Pavilion events, one on marine and coastal human adaptation, and the other an inter-cultural dialogue on the relationship between Locally Managed Marine Areas and Marine Protected Areas targets. TILCEPA is co-hosting a knowledge café on African indigenous peoples and the World Heritage Convention. This links up with other World Heritage events being hosted by various parts of the IUCN and dealing with rights and governance. TILCEPA, in cooperation with GIZ, the ICCA Consortium and the Global Protected Areas Programme will be launching the new Protected Areas governance resource kit. A special event will be the high-level panel on religion and conservation, with religious leaders from around the globe, including an indigenous Tuareg Sultan will be talking about diverse human understanding of nature and our sacred duties to protect the Earth from climate change and biodiversity loss.

Sri Lanka Inter-religious Dialogue

TILCEPA, in cooperation with CEESP, Sewalanka Foundation, the International Network of Engaged Buddhists, WWF Nepal, UNCBD, the IUCN Asia Regional Office and civil society groups in Asia is helping to organise a working conference on inter-religious dialogue in responding to climate change vulnerability and impacts, and the loss of biodiversity which is threatening the planet. Buddhist, Christian, Hindu and Moslem leaders will meet to study the drivers of climate change and biodiversity loss, and develop a road map for mobilising the Asian faith-sector to respond with education, emergency services and advocacy. The Sri Lanka conference takes place after the IUCN Congress, from 25-27 September 2012.

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