Three new reports on REDD+ Readiness Dialogues organised in Ecuador, Guatemala and Cambodia

IUCN and The Forests Dialogue (TFD) organised three large stakeholder dialogues on REDD+ readiness over the course of 2010. The meetings brought together over 160 forest leaders ranging from community organisations and NGOs to private sector actors and government policymakers. The discussions focused on challenges and opportunities in countries that are building REDD+ national strategies as part of the readiness phase.

Participants to the October 2009 TFD REDD+ Readiness Dialogue during a field visit in the Amazon in West-Belém

Three reports summarising the outcomes of these three REDD+ readiness dialogues have been released and can be downloaded via the links below.The REDD+ readiness dialogues zoomed-in on issues such as stakeholder engagement, the generation and dissemination of quality information, policy and legal reform, systems for benefit distribution and cross-sectoral coordination to tackle the drivers of deforestation. Stakeholders advanced on these issues and found common ground on options for ways forward. Participants to the meetings considered country-specific aspects of REDD+ readiness and discussed these issues in the broader context of forest conservation, national and global climate change policy, sustainable development and poverty reduction. Particular importance was given to the scope and scale of REDD+ and the links between REDD+ and other key policy arenas such as agriculture and energy. The REDD+ readiness initiative of TFD and IUCN included a total of six dialogues. Apart from the 2010 dialogues in Ecuador, Guatemala and Cambodia, REDD+ readiness field dialogues were also organized in Brazil and Ghana in 2009. A final meeting was held at IUCN Headquarters in Gland, Switzerland earlier this year.

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