A Three Day Workshop Concluded

Kathmandu: A three day project planning workshop titled ‘Enhancing Livelihoods and Food Security from Agroforestry and Community Forestry Systems in Nepal’ is concluded today.

Nabin K. Ghimire, Secretary, MoFSC delivering general remarks on opening session

The workshop was jointly organized by Australian Centre for International Agriculture Research (ACIAR) and World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) with managerial assistance from IUCN Nepal from 11 to 13 June in Hotel Himalaya, Lalitpur.

The main objective of the workshop was to present and share the findings of the five different background papers among 50 sector experts representing key government, non-government, development partners and other concerned stakeholders. Moreover, the workshop had envisaged identifying key research questions and potential research sites to address them. In addition to identifying the existing and potential capacity, the workshop solicited suggestions to devise most appropriate modalities to implement long term research project in this sector.

Following three days of intensive brainstorming, the workshop successfully concluded with a formulation of organizational framework. The framework is expected to guide design and implementation of a 4-5 year research project aimed at enhancing livelihoods and food security from agroforestry and community forestry systems in Nepal, including mechanisms for coordination and sharing information.

“The workshop is very fruitful to design a long term project proposal in Agroforestry and Community Forestry sector in Nepal “said Tony Bartlett, Forestry Research Programme Manager, ACIAR in the closure of workshop.

The overall activity was managed for ACIAR by the ICRAF with engagement of the activity leader Dr. Don Gilmour. Various key government and non-government stakeholders were consulted during the process to bring the project to its current stage. Similarly, focus group discussions and background studies were carried out. The background studies were done by different Nepalese NGOs under the coordination of Dr. Yam Malla, Country Representative of IUCN Nepal.

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