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Shelling off

Shelling off
The old Latin adage pecunia non olet (money does not smell) has been used throughout the ages to justify all sorts of financial dealings. But, as the IUCN is experiencing right now, if you are committed to protecting the environment, you have to carefully watch where the money comes from.

Election: Long with suspense...
If IUCN is unique, and in many ways it is, so is the process of electing its president.

Members shout reforms at IUCN
The IUCN members are ready with a long list for the new president.

No more impunity for war crimes
Arab Group seeks a resolution on liability and compensation for environmental war crimes.

A New IUCN? Candidates speak out
IUCN's three presidential hopefuls answer questions from TerraViva.

Climate crises likely to spur mass migrations
As climate change, sea-level rise, earthquakes and floods threaten countries such as Bangladesh, Tuvalu, Vietnam and Tajikistan, the Tokyo-based U.N. University (UNU) warns that by 2050, some 200 million people will be displaced by environmental problems.

BOLIVIA - Water, energy everywhere - but not for locals
Peasant farmers in 42 villages along the Zongo valley in western Bolivia stand by and watch as the flourishing electricity industry harnesses the swift-flowing river while, paradoxically, their own farms are languishing from lack of water and energy.

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