TEMTI Theme Report - Winter School on Economic Justice and Sustainability: OSISA and TEMTI

The Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) and the Centre for Civil Society of the University of Kwa Zulu Natal organized a Winter School on “Rethinking Sustainability, Development and Economic Justice”. The event took place in July 15-27 and was attended by thirty-five participants from eleven countries in the region. The course was made possible by the generous support of OSISA’s Economic Justice Programme directed by Masego Madzwamuse.


This year’s course was designed by Alejandro Nadal, chair of TEMTI and included presentations in key modules by Nadal and five other TEMTI members: Godfrey Kanyenze (LEDRIZ, Zimbabwe), Herbert Jauch (LARRI, Namibia), Aseem Shrivastava (India), Malcolm Damon (Economic Justice Network, Cape Town) and James Murombedzi (CODESRIA and also a member of TGER). 

This year’s Winter School included strong components in gender, inequality, macroeconomics, sector level policies, climate change and environmental justice, sustainable agriculture and strategic and policy alternatives.

The Winter School provided an extraordinary opportunity for all participants to share the experiences and lessons of peoples’ struggles in Southern Africa in their quest for economic justice and sustainability. It also offered a unique setting for reflection on the limitations of mainstream thought about economic relations and policies. An overarching message that came out of the sessions was that the challenges emanating from the multiple crises the world is experiencing today cannot be met with the intellectual tools of mainstream economics. TEMTI’s participation in the Winter School gave us an exceptional opportunity to exchange views on the implications of the dominant trends in the world economy and their implications for environmental and social sustainability.

Work area: 
Social Policy
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