TEMTI: Economic Perspectives on Global Sustainability

The CEESP Theme on Environment, Macroeconomics, Trade & Investment (TEMTI) has started producing a new series of briefing papers on "Economic Perspectives on Global Sustainability." This series is designed to provide reliable information and rigorous analysis on critical issues that affect global sustainability. 

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The main objective of the new series is to open a badly needed space for reflection and understanding of the complex forces that are driving social marginalization and environmental degradation worldwide. The editor of the series is Francisco Aguayo, a Mexican economist specializing in the fields of technical change and climate economics.

The first three papers in the series are the following: Rio+20: The Dark Clouds of Disappointment (by Alejandro Nadal); Poverty, Unemployment and Inequality in Namibia (by Herbert Jauch); Chinese Finance in Latin America: Dark or Greeen? (by Kevin Gallagher, Katherine Koleski and Amos Irwin). These documents are in pdf format and are downloadable from here.

The series will cover topics from a wide number of fields as they pertain to global sustainability, including the relation between markets and economic policies, financial speculation and commodity prices, implications of the global economic crisis, macroeconomics and climate change policies, extractive industries, sustainable agriculture and conservation policies, trade in endangered species, large commercial logging in tropical rainforests, biofuels and food prices, etc. The series will also help identify emerging fields of interest and action. We expect to continue uploading a new document every six weeks.

General Update from TEMTI: The web page has been updated and changed to include the following sections: Objectives, Overview and Mission Statement, Priority Areas and Projects and Members' on going work. This was made possible by the commitment and hard work of Kaia Boe at the IUCN Secretariat. We take this opportunity to extend our sincere gratitude for her dedication. As you know, TEMTI's core mandate is to provide practical and enabling information, as well as relevant policy options on issues lying at the intersection between economics and environmental and social sustainability. In this sense, our new web page presents TEMTI's main objective in terms of our efforts to enhance and maintain the capacity of CEESP's members and of the entire Union to address matters related to economic issues and policies that affect sustainability at the local, national or international levels.

The new internet website describes TEMTI's work as being based on rigorous analyses of the dynamics and structure of the world economy. We believe that without understanding the configuration and underlying forces that drive the global economy it will be impossible to advance towards a consistent set of policies capable of leading to worldwide sustainability. It is important therefore to work with real world economic data and accurate analytical tools that enhance our capacity to diagnose and recommend robust policy changes. This includes promoting the study of hitherto neglected themes, such as the impact of macroeconomics or the role of monetary variables and the financial sector in the process of environmental degradation and social disparities. TEMTI is thus an open space for critical thinking about old paradigms and new lines of research and policymaking.

TEMTI's priority areas include the following: macroeconomic policies for sustainability; sustainable agriculture, agro-biodiversity and conservation policies; climate change economics; trade in endangered species; finally, we also consider finance and trends towards the commodification of nature as another critical area of our work.

Another important section of the website includes a short description of work being carried out by TEMTI's members. This section will be periodically updated and it is hoped this will provide more useful information on the fields of expertise of our members. It will also help strengthen links between the members of TEMTI across regions and fields of interest, fostering collaboration and debate.

The new TEMTI web page also presents our new series Economic Perspectives on Global Sustainability. The series disseminates the results of investigative research carried out by the members of the TEMTI network of experts. It also strengthens communication and collaboration within the various research and activist communities within CEESP, as well as in the Commissions of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. Alejandro Nada, Chair, TEMTI 

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