TEMATEA: Online Database of Environmental Conventions

Over the last decades, countries have adopted an increasing large number of regional and international environmental agreements, sometimes addressing overlapping issues. The online database TEMATEA provides a crosscutting analysis of these agreements, currently focusing on six priority issues for biodiversity. The modules identify and group corresponding requirements from different agreements.

TEMATEA - www.tematea.org Photo: IUCN/UNEP

The modules do not impose extra requirements, and are updated frequently to reflect relevant decisions. They cover the following issues:

  • Inland Waters
  • Sustainable Use
  • Climate Change and Biodiversity
  • Invasive Alien Species
  • Protected Areas
  • Access & Benefit Sharing for genetic resources

TEMATEA is particularly useful for national experts tasked with the implementation of the various decisions, or for negotiators and researchers. National capacity building workshops have provided good indications on how the modules support revision and development of national policies on biodiversity in a coherent way and assist in ensuring a more coherent approach towards implementing any countries commitments from regional and global environmental agreements.

Partners: IUCN, UNEP and Countdown 2010
Timeline: ongoing
Contact person: Ines Verleye


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