Tanzania and its Serengeti Highway, by Haroldo Castro

This story by CEC member Haroldo Castro was published in Brazilian EPOCA magazine. It focuses on the riches of Tanzania and the threat brought by the possible Serengeti Highway.


Tanzania: Aqui quem manda é a natureza – Nature calls the shots. Published in EPOCA magazine, May 2011. Photo: Haroldo Castro

Dear friends,

As 99% of my articles are written only in Portuguese, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you an ENGLISH TRANSLATION of a story that has international relevance.

My 5-page report on TANZANIA was published this weekend on Brazilian EPOCA, an influential weekly magazine with 2 million readers. Its focus is four reserves in the country: Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Selous and Ruaha. My highlights are, respectively, the Proposed Serengeti Highway that would fragment the park, the excess of tourism vans in Ngorongoro, the wild dog in Selous and a lion kill in Ruaha.

The link for the original story in Portuguese, published by EPOCA on its online version, is available here >>

The link for an ENGLISH TRANSLATION, published on my blog Viajologia, is here >>

There is a PHOTO GALLERY with 50+ images at the bottom of the English version, as well as in the original version.

I hope you enjoy the story. Feel free to post comments (even in English) on any of the sites.

Best regards, Haroldo





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