Sustainable Financing of Protected Areas

Emerton, Lucy ; Bishop, Joshua ; Thomas, Lee

IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas ; James Cook University, AU ; Rainforest CRC, AU

Sustainable financing of protected areas : a global review of challenges and options Photo: IUCN

Best Practice Protected Area Guidelines Series ; no.013

It has become clear during recent global deliberations on biodiversity conservation that achieving Protected Area (PA) financial sustainability will require major changes in the way that PA funding is conceptualized, captured and used. With many, if not most, PAs facing funding crises, both in terms of the amount of funds available and how those are used, there is an urgent need to expand and diversify PA financial portfolios, and to ensure that funding reaches the groups and activities essential for biodiversity conservation. A range of innovative financing mechanisms have been developed and implemented to increase funding for PAs. This document aims to review and assess the status of a variety of these mechanisms, the major obstacles and opportunities for their implementation, and the potential for improvement.

Work area: 
Protected Areas
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