Sustainability for Educators: A Toolkit of Learning Activities and Resources

This is a manual to assist in sustainability education from a community college in New South Wales, Australia.

A Toolkit of Learning Activities and Resources

Shared by Wendy Goldstein, CEC Steering Committee member from Australia.

The Sustainability for Educators –A Toolkit of Learning Activities and Resources is an engaging and accessible collection of teaching/learning resources designed to catalyse transformative education. It is essential reading for educators wanting to embed skills for sustainability into learning and professional development programs. Of value to teachers, trainers and facilitators from vocational training organisations, universities, secondary schools, communities and business organisations, this resource will also provide great inspiration for campuses and businesses in planning and implementing sustainability changes.

The 245 page full colour book or PDF, includes succinct sustainability concepts, 80 learning activities, templates, student handouts, power point slides and embedded links to the latest resources. You can view sample sections of the book online.

For more information see here.  

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