Sustainability and Inclusion Strategy for Growth Corridors in Africa (SUSTAIN-Africa)

Focusing on water and food security, land resources and climate change resilience, SUSTAIN-Africa is a new programme that will support action on sustainability and social inclusion in growth corridors in Africa. The current phase of SUSTAIN-Africa will run from 2014-2018, emphasising delivery through partnerships. The programme is coordinated by IUCN and the IUCN Netherlands Committee, who will work together to build and support partnerships for implementation of SUSTAIN among IUCN Members, government, business and stakeholders at all levels.

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Growth corridors are areas of intensive economic growth, where development of natural-resource based industries - such as agriculture and mining - are being prioritised because of their potential to catalyse rapid economic growth. SUSTAIN-Africa will work to promote and demonstrate how to sustainably manage ecosystems and natural resources in these areas. Partners in the programme will work to do so in ways that create opportunities for local communities to take part in the benefits for development that growth corridors offer.

SUSTAIN will apply approaches for effective management of water resources in growth corridors, at local to transboundary levels. These will enable participation, joint action and cooperation to sustain climate-resilient supply of water in growth corridors for livelihoods production, health and ecosystems.

With a particular emphasis in landscape management and restoration, the programme will support development of improved and diversified farm, forest and wetland production that links local communities to new business opportunities. The aim is to enhance food security and reinforce climate change resilience – including through climate-smart agriculture - while enabling new value chains linking primary production with new trading and enterprise opportunities.

SUSTAIN-Africa will build partnerships with private sector investors to help them identify ways of doing business in growth corridors that reinforce social inclusion while improving management of water, land and ecosystems.

SUSTAIN-Africa will be launched in 2014 in the SAGCOT growth corridor – the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania.

Programme funding to initiate SUSTAIN-Africa has been generously granted by the Government of the Netherlands.



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