Survey on UNDESD hopes and challenges

CEC member Dieter Gross asked 50 UNESCO workshop participants about success and failure in achieving the goals for Education for Sustainable Development. He shares links to reports on a related joint effort by Germany and Japan.

United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development

Survey on the Hopes and Challenges with ESD Beyond 2014: The ESD Decade will end 2014, without having accomplished all goals (Lost Decade?). Efforts have been started to address these open issues by stating what has been achieved and where have we failed. A conference in Bonn, EDUCATION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT - INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ’HORIZON 2015' was organized by the German UNESCO Commission in Feb. 2012. During the event, participants (around 50) were asked to identify obstacles and resources that could hinder or further the agreed vision for ESD. These activities resulted in a list of 'Help' and 'Hinder'. These conference lists are usually non-committal because they do not demand to be on active. More effective are overviews where issues are prioritized, thus the stakeholders know where to start and where they feel supported by the knowledge and insights of the community.
Survey on these drivers and barriers >>

National Strategies within the Decade: Germany’s and Japan’s Efforts to Achieve UNESCO’s Goals for the Second Half of the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development:

Recommendations: IGU-CGE 2012 Symposium Proceedings Experience-based Geography Learning 2012 Symposium, 22 August – 25 August Institute of Geography and Geography Education, Freiburg, Germany,
Summary and Abstract >>

Presentation:Germany’s and Japan’s Efforts to Achieve UNESCO’s Goals for the Second Half: See the PowerPoint presentation >>


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