Survey: protected areas and invasive species in Europe

The Bern Convention and the IUCN SSC Invasive Species Specialist Group are developing, with the support of EUROPARC and of WCPA, “Guidelines on Protected Areas and Invasive Species in Europe” and would like to hear your opinion.

West Norwegian Fjords

The survey can be found here. It is meant for biologists, park managers, park rangers or other experts and practitioners working with protected areas. The survey takes fifteen minutes to complete. Participants are asked to respond for a specific protected area, and to provide its WDPA ID (you can check the WDPA ID at They are also asked to submit a list of the top most harmful invasive animals and plants (up to 5 for each group).

The results of the survey will contribute to an attempt to develop guidance on the issue. The creators of the survey believe that protected areas can play a crucial role in addressing this threat, not only in preventing and mitigating the impacts of invasive species in their territory, but also informing and involving the public and catalyzing action outside their borders.

To know more about the project, see an introductory presentation here.

For more information contact Andrea Monaco or Piero Genovesi.

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Protected Areas
Protected Areas
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