Sukianto Lusli, Agus Budi Utomo and Yusup Cahyadin Kenton Miller Awardees 2014

Yusup Cahyadin, Sukianto Lusli, and Agus Budi Utomo, Burung Indonesia Kenton Miller Awardees 2014 and Natasha Miller, The Nature Conservancy

In recognition of SUKIANTO LUSLI, AGUS BUDI UTOMO and YUSUP CAHYADIN for their role in developing and implementing innovative approaches to forest conservation in Indonesia. Though their vision, commitment, determination, advocacy and leadership, they have changed national policy and legislation so that lowland forests designated for production and logging can now be managed under licence by NGOs and other private organisations for conservation. Working with international NGO partners, this dynamic team has obtained a 95 year licence to conserve and manage 10% of remaining lowland rainforest on Sumatra in the Harapan Rainforest. Through their leadership and positive example, Sukianto, Agus and Yusup have created the enabling environment, lessons and good practice to enable other practitioners to replicate this approach to ecosystem restoration across Indonesia and beyond. Building on the Harapan example, there are now more than 40 ecosystem restoration licenses in process in Indonesia, with plans for other “Forests of Hope” elsewhere in Asia – a true testimony to the creativity and determination of this remarkable team.

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Protected Areas
Protected Areas
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