Success story of the day: Noord-Brabant Province

Story featured in the Made in Countdown 2010 publication: The Noord-Brabant Province was the first region to join Countdown 2010. In December 2006, the Province established the “Brabant Taskforce Biodiversiteit en Countdown 2010” – a working group of public and private sector representatives. The Taskforce has been a major driving force in the Netherlands for promoting Countdown 2010.

blues5_be.jpg Photo: IUCN

The strategy of the Taskforce focuses on local and regional collaboration and public awareness. Municipalities and organisations from all sectors have united their forces for biodiversity. Municipalities have been encouraged to adopt species to secure public support for biodiversity action plans, as well as to link local authorities and schools with the work and knowledge of conservation organisations. The Dutch National Coalition on Biodiversity was constituted in 2009 and currently involves about 170 members.

Early 2007 the Province, in close cooperation with European Centre for Nature Conservation, the European Union Committee of the Regions, and Countdown 2010 organised the international conference “Regions as Champions for Biodiversity 2010” to further both European and regional agendas on biodiversity and sustainable development and to exchange information and good practices between European regions.

For more information please visit the Countdown 2010 website.

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