success story of the day: Natureparif

Story featured in the Made in Countdown 2010 publication: Natureparif was the first agency which exclusively dealt with biodiversity conservation at the regional level to join Countdown 2010. The agency is part of the Ecoregion project launched by the Regional Council of Ile-de-France. It gathers local governments, nature associations, enterprises, researchers, the State and the Regional Council, and fosters dialogue between them in order to integrate biodiversity into public and private sectors.


The agency has established a regional biodiversity observatory, compiled all the existing information and expertise on the topic, and created tools to preserve biodiversity in the region. To raise awareness of Countdown 2010, Natureparif has organised two conferences and worked actively disseminating information on the state of biodiversity in the region and the need to save it. It has also launched the “French Capital of Biodiversity” competition which is part of the “European Capitals of Biodiversity” developed in cooperation with IUCN. The competition rewards European cities for innovation and excellence in preserving the wealth of nature.

For more information please visit the Countdown 2010 website.

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