Success Story of the day: Hero productions

Story featured in the Made in Countdown 2010 publication: 
Acknowledging the social benefits and economic value of biodiversity, as well as the immediate future consequences of biodiversity loss in the country, Hero Productions felt the urgency and responsibility to act and developed an environmental multimedia agenda for its media company established in 2006. Hero Productions has been active in designing, facilitating and implementing training and awareness programmes on biodiversity conservation in Ghana and establishing partnerships with relevant stakeholders both locally and internationally.

purples6_ghana.jpg Photo: IUCN

In 2009 and 2010, the company held a National Youth Conference on Biodiversity which served as an annual gathering for youth organisations and other stakeholders, and as a forum to share experiences related to conservation.

The company also launched a challenging initiative: planting 50,000,000 trees across the country to help raise awareness. As part of the initiative, Hero Productions has organised the Tree Planting Competition for schools which was launched in 2009 by the Deputy Minister of Education (Pre Tertiary) Elizabeth Amoah Tetteh with the aim of raising awareness of biodiversity and increasing climate change education among school children.

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