Strong start to IUCN Business Week

Today marks the start of IUCN Business Week. The week is designed to inspire a fresh perspective on collaboration and engagement with the private sector and brings together over 40 IUCN staff from headquarters, regional offices, national committees and global thematic programmes alongside over 25 external business participants arriving later in the week.

Business week crowdsourcing

Business Week provides a forum for constructive debate on how IUCN and business can best collaborate, through sharing experiences and exploring new opportunities for scaling up solutions at a landscape level and across sectors.

The day started with an informative session on how the IUCN Business Engagement Strategy is used across the various programmes and regions. Some programmes have been working with business for many years whereas other more newly established offices are breaking new ground with their engagements.

The good examples of transformational change discussed highlighted the journey that businesses went through from site level actions to company policy level to sectoral changes. We concluded that it is this pathway which allows us to work with business at different levels of maturity but also highlights the need to involve regulators and policy makers to have a meaningful positive impact on biodiversity.

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