Strategic partnership on biodiversity conservation in Saudi Arabia

IUCN West Asia/Middle East (WAME) Regional Office has signed a new memorandum of understanding with the National Commission for Wildlife Conservation and Development (NCWCD) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide technical support in the field of biodiversity conservation focusing the technical support on the CBD.

IUCN WAME Regional Director signs MOU with President of NCWCD, Prince Bandar bin Saoud Al-Saoud

The long-term objective of this strategic partnership between IUCN and NCWCD is the conservation and development of biodiversity through the devising and documenting traditional knowledge, access benefit sharing and protected area planning.

Through this engagement in Saudi Arabia will consolidate IUCN technical support towards effective implementation of CBD obligations. This will in turn help IUCN play a role in policy formulation in the Arab League. Besides, coordination with WCPA is undergoing through the WCPA Vice Chair Mr Mohamed Sulayem to enhance linkages with the IUCN WAME work in knowledge management of Protected Areas guidelines.

The NCWCD has joined IUCN membership in 2000. The NCWCD was established by a Royal Decree in 1986. Among other things, the Decree requires the Commission to "Develop and implement plans to preserve wildlife in its natural ecology and to propose the establishment of proper protected areas and reserves for wildlife in the Kingdom, and to manage such areas"

For more information contact Khaldoun Al- Omari at: [email protected]

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