A story in photos: Drill rig near protected Alaska

In his ongoing effort to communicate climate change and conservation issues, CEC member Gary Braasch offers his latest photo of a drill rig near a wildlife refuge.

Drill rig near protected Alaska

More aerial images of the Shell Oil drill rig "Kulluk" on the drill site in view -- within only 12 miles -- of the protected Alaska Arctic coast, are now on www.WorldViewOfGlobalWarming.org. Click through the image to see more, just posted.

The Kulluk drill rig is in the Beaufort Sea, only 12 miles offshore of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The Canning River Delta, which a part of the Refuge been protected from oil drilling in many famous Congressional battles, is clearly visible just beyond the rig. The location is just north of the Refuge's western boundary and the neighboring Flaxman Island (which is not protected).

Braasch Photography also has images of the Arctic coast and other parts of the story of oil drilling and environmental dangers, climate change and Alaska landscapes.

For more information contact Gary Braasch at gary@braaschphotography.com

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