A step towards water awareness in Aleppo

About 20 participants from the Syrian city Aleppo were trained to design and implement public awareness campaigns in the field of water resources management. The 5-day-workshop, entitled "How to Design and Implement a Public Awareness Campaign" is the third workshop organized in the Arab Region by The World Conservation Union (IUCN) and InWent Capacity Building International. Two other regional courses were held previously in Morocco and Syria (Damascus) in 2006 and early 2007.

Workshop on water awareness in Aleppo, Syria

This workshop was organized by IUCN and InWent in partnership with GTZ (German Technical Cooperation Syria) and DED (Deutscher Entwicklungsdienst, Syria). The target group enhanced their skills in technical aspects of the design and the implementation of public awareness campaigns. The outcome of the workshop showed not only high level of cooperation between the different participants, but also intensive knowledge sharing in the domain of water awareness approaches.

Twenty people with different expertise and backgrounds, from the government irrigation and water establishments, NGOs and the Ministry of Housing and Building in Syria, were inspired by the opening Session of the Governor from Aleppo, Mr. Tamir al-Hijeh, to develop their capabilities in raising awareness. "It is of great importance to raise the public awareness to be able to face the environmental challenges facing us" said the Governor of Aleppo in his opening speech. As a result of the workshop, a committee will be established, in order to work on a public awareness campaign on water and energy in Syria.

For more information contact Ms. Eng. Fidaa Haddad, Field Coordinator IUCN WAME Regional Water Program: [email protected]

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