The Steering Committee of ECOLEX sets new goals for the future

The 20th ECOLEX Steering Committee met at the IUCN Environmental Law Centre in Bonn in September. The circumstances of the meeting were sad as the main catalysts of the ECOLEX project, Barbara Moauro and Dr. Francoise Burhenne-Guilmin, recently passed away.

The representatives of FAO, IUCN, and UNEP acknowledged the outstanding passion of both to establish and develop the partnership to current status and the tremendous loss of knowledge for the project.It was agreed to continue the work and make all efforts to move forward the legacy: access to information on environmental law and policy.


The timing of the meeting was important as the technical upgrades for ECOLEX had just been finalized. The next step will be to improve the look and feel of the portal which is gaining more and more interest from other institutions seeking access to this exceptional data collection. UNEP is leading the way by harvesting ECOLEX for their new Portal on International Environmental Governance.

The Steering Committee agreed to promote the establishment of ECOLEX as the global hub of information in the field of environmental law and stressed the necessity to meet the demand for user-friendly search modes and functional outcomes such as country profiles and mapping.

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Environmental Law
Environmental Law
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