Spring 2016 IPAMed Network Newsletter Release

We recently published the second and revamped issue of the IUCN-Plantlife IPAMed Network Newsletter. 

Newsletter IPAMed

This issue highlights the lessons learnt from pilot Important Plant Areas in Egypt. It also contains an overview of initiatives that the IPAMed project is currently involved in, information about future and past events related to the project, and testimonials from motivated volunteers involved in IPAMed activities.

We thank our partners, who have put considerable efforts into reporting activities and spending during the second half of 2015. We are extremely impressed by your efforts to engage people in plant conservation.
We hope this E-bulletin will help to communicate the results across the Mediterranean and increase the outreach of the project.

Thanks again to the MAVA Foundation for making this exciting initiative possible.

For further information: Marcos Valderrábano

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