Species Survival Commission Conservation Awards for 2006

The IUCN Species Survival Commission (SSC) is an exceptional network of experts who make their time and considerable talents available through more than 100 Specialist Groups and Task Forces.

Robin Sharp of the Sustainable Use Specialist Group.

Realizing that the voluntary contributions of these experts often pass with little formal notice, the SSC has established an awards system to recognize and celebrate more publicly the extraordinary contributions of its membership. The SSC Chair, Dr Holly Dublin, is pleased to announce the names of two recipients for 2006.

Rod East has been presented with the Sir Peter Scott Award for Conservation Merit for 2006, in recognition of his extensive involvement in the SSC as a long-standing member and Co-Chair of the Antelope Specialist Group. Among his outstanding contributions are the publication of Antelopes: Global Survey and Regional Action Plans for Africa south of the Sahara , the African Antelope Database 1998, and the series of Antelope Survey Updates. In addition, his fund-raising efforts have greatly assisted the conservation of species poorly represented in the existing African protected areas network.

Robin Sharp, in recognition of his extensive contribution to the SSC’s work on sustainable use, most notably his chairing of the European Chapter of the Sustainable Use Specialist Group, has been awarded the Harry Messel Award for Conservation Leadership. He has chaired the European Regional Group since its foundation in 1997, and it now has 140 members in 40 countries. The group focuses on sustainable agriculture, fisheries, forestry and use of wild species resources through research and technical inputs to policies of the European Union. He is also very active in global sustainable use issues.

The Sir Peter Scott Award is the "senior" SSC award, dating back to 1984. It is presented to individuals in recognition of significant and long-term service to conservation through their work with the SSC or associated institutions. Achievements are recognizable as considerable and noteworthy contributions to the conservation of wild fauna and flora, especially threatened species.

The Harry Messel Award, established in 2004, recognizes exemplary service to the SSC, especially from individuals who have made a specific contribution to species conservation on the ground or through their leadership, as part of the work of an SSC Specialist Group or Task Force.

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