Spanish Website for CEESP

In 2012, as part of the Work Plan of the CEESP Regional Vice President Office for South America, Gonzalo Zambrana Avila designed the CEESP website in Spanish, for the use of Spanish-speaking members.

screen_shot_2013_06_27_at_12_20_47_pm_1.png Photo: CEESP

To implement this initiative,  Victor Hugo Inchausty, Executive Director of IUCN-South helped,  in authorizing the hosting of this website on IUCN-South servers with the support of Aracelly Pazmino and technical work of Veronica Moreno, both of IUCN-South, it was possible to upload this website.

On these website are all the basic contents of the world CEESP website and it is an instrument for strengthening the regional work of CEESP membership.

Website can be assessed at the following link:

IUCN-South friends are acknowledged for the free hosting of this website.

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Social Policy
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