SOS partner Coq En Pate's Koguma launches on Kickstarter

Imagine a polar icecap coming to life before your eyes through the power of your mobile phone! That's Koguma - a piggybank for wildlife, in the shape of a polar bear.


Launched November 12 on Kickstarter by SOS Partner Coq En Pate (CEP), project Koguma is an innovative and exciting way to save money for wildlife while educating and inspiring users about nature conservation.

The initial goal is to raise €40,000 through Kickstarter to help finance the commercialisation of this internet enabled, augmented reality polar bear experience. The deadline for pledges is December 13. 

See the icecap environment come to life in this teaser film from the Koguma Kickstarter page:

Once commercialised, Koguma can fulfil its mission of inspiring and educating people about nature conservation, providing augmented reality gaming experiences for piggybank owners while channeling donations to SOS via on a secure online system. As if by a magic filter, a Koguma user's smart mobile device will bring to life an interactive digital arctic habit around the Koguma bear. Over time more exciting features will be added to the icecap game explains David Bouvet, founder of CEP.

Creating innovative ways for people to engage with wildlife and nature conservation is part of the SOS mission.

That is why Koguma is so exciting -  blending technological and conservation expertise into one super cool icecap gaming experience where you can save, play and donate to wildlife all in one go. To support Koguma, please visit the Coq En Pate Kickstarter page here.

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