Sohoton Natural Bridge National Park, Philippines

One of the most visited parks in the area bringing much needed financial ressources from tourism to one of the poorest areas of the Philippines

Sohoton Natural Bridge National Park, Phillipines

Sohoton Natural Bridge, Samar is located  in the Eastern Visayas region in the Philippines at the southern tip of Samar Island. It's an IUCN Category II National Park of more than 4 square km.

It is known for interesting geological formations, especially the Sohoton Natural Bridge and various caves. It is the most popular ecotourism attraction in the entire region of Eastern Visayas. The most famous feature of the park, for which it is named, is the natural stone bridge which connects two mountains. A stream flows under the bridge. In the park can also be found several cathedral-like caves, the largest of which is Panhulugan Cave, actually a system consisting of two major chambers. Inside these caves are interesting limestone formations, including a flow area that is said to resemble the Banawe Rice Terraces and a curving formation said to look like the Great Wall of China. Other limestone formations look like the Chocolate Hills, elephants, organ pipes, or other objects. A view of the stone bridge can be seen from the two smaller caves, Sohoton and Bugasan. Sohoton cave has a 50-meter high arched entrance. Spike-shaped crystalline stalactites hang from its ceiling, and at its end is a small window and a balcony that overlooks a natural swimming pool. The park also features rivers and waterfalls with clear waters. It is very green and is inhabited by various types of wildlife. The pristine Basey River emerges from underground through the side of the mountain.

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