Sinyaya area added to Russia’s Lena Pillars World Heritage site

The World Heritage listed Lena Pillars Nature Park in the Russian Federation has been increased by 9% after the World Heritage Committee followed IUCN’s recommendation to approve a change in the site’s boundaries.

Lena Pillars Nature Park, Russia

The decision was taken today at UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee meeting taking place in Bonn Germany, until 8 July.

Inscribed as a natural site in 2012 due to its spectacular 100-metre-high rock pillars, Lena Pillars Nature Park now includes an additional area covering 115,000 hectares, bringing its total size to 1,378,150 hectares.

At the time of inscription three years ago, the World Heritage Committee requested that Russia consider a boundary modification so that a further group of spectacular pillars on the Sinyaya River could be part of the site.

This area, which is also referred to as Sinsky Plot, contains the most visually impressive examples of rock pillars in the region, adding to the already remarkable landscape of the site. It also increases its values related to fossil fauna of the Cambria Sinsk Formation.

Following IUCN’s advice, the Committee today expressed its appreciation to Russia for including the Sinyaya area and improving the site’s integrity.

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