Shedding Light: The R-KNOW Network

Since the Arabic region lies in the most arid area on earth and 70% of its land is dry, IUCN ROWA jointly with partners and funded by the EU have launched the R-KNOW network. 

RKNOW Meeting Photo: IUCN ROWA

The Regional Knowledge Network on Water aims at influencing the policy and decision making processes, practices and quality as a means to enhance good governance in the water sector.

The formal launch of the R-KNOW network was held on the 17th of April, 2014 in Amman. The launch aims at introducing the stakeholders with the Regional Knowledge Network on Water, which will assist in strengthening the application of systematic approaches to water management in the five countries.

Water and Climate Change programme manager – Mufleh Abbadi introduced the audience to the network and its objectives. Later, delegates from the five countries highlighted the recommendations of the regional committees in order to determine the methodology and work plan.

The partners were engaged with the audience as suggestions to strengthen the Regional Knowledge Network on Water (R-KNOW) where given for the following thematic areas:

  • Water Governance (Conventional and no-conventional resources).
  • Climate Change.
  • Water, Food and Energy.
  • Innovative & Sustainable Technologies.

IUCN ROWA gathered stakeholders from different sectors in Jordan on the 22nd April, 2014 in Amman to explore the experiences and ongoing projects in the four thematic areas. This will help in determining the main lines in work plan in the five countries, by sharing this meeting’s outputs with all partners.

For more information about the R_KNOW network; kindly contact:

Mufleh Abbadi, Water and Climate Change programme manager

West Asia
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