Shebenik-Jabllanicë Logo Competition

In the framework of the project “Institutional Support for Protected Areas in Albania” whose one of the aims is designing the management plan for the Shebenik-Jabllanicë National Park, IUCN is holding a competition for the creation of the official logo of the Park. All ambitious and motivated designers aspiring to be authors of the Shebenik-Jabllanicë National Park logo are invited to participate in this competition that closes on 30 September 2012.


Shebenik-Jabllanicë National Park, Albania

The logo should be relevant to the Parks environmental features and represent the National Park’s peculiarities and its ecological and aesthetic values. The logo should stand alone, be simple, use few colours, and be aesthetically pleasing. A description of the Park is given in the annex and a selection of area pictures can be found here. Designers who would need more specific information about the Shebenik-Jabllanicë National Park can send requests to this e-mail address.

Competition Details

Logo proposals should be emailed by 30 September 2012 to Sonila Lechwacki, with “Shebenik-Jabllanicë National Park Logo Competition” in the subject line. More than one logo may be submitted as long as all files are in .EPS vector logo format with a 10 x 10px resolution or a high resolution non-vector logo. The email should include applicant's name and contact details. All proposals should be followed by a short description of logo’s concept and a few lines explaining how the idea was born and what it represents. While the logo needs to be self-explanatory, the description may be included in IUCN articles.

IUCN will award the winner of the competition a prize of 300 Euros. The winner of the competition will be contacted via email in October 2012.

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