Sharing the benefits under REDD

IUCN, with the support of Econ Pöyry, has reviewed experiences with existing benefit sharing arrangements in the forest sector and in other areas in order to inform discussions on how to develop benefit sharing systems under REDD.

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This brochure summarizes the conclusions of that study. REDD-plus can potentially be a significant source of financial benefits for forest countries.

Payments will consist of compensation for the opportunity costs of land-use changes plus a so-called REDD rent. How such benefits should be shared nationally between different stakeholders has not been carefully explored. This is an essential question in REDD strategy design and implementation.

The full document can be downloaded here and comments can be sent to or

A brochure summarizing the conclusions of this study is also available, as well as a brochure that explains the scope of REDD-plus.

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South America
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